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Bollywood, the face of Nepotism.

Nepotism has always been a very intense topic of discussion. We mostly see Nepotism in every field these days but you’d surprised to know how deep rooted it is in Bollywood. It has crippled Bollywood to it’s core. Once an industry which was known for its beautiful, thoughtful cinema by Satyajit Ray & Guru Dutt is now mostly known for it’s dance routines, lame stories and over-acting.

So many young talents get lost by systematic lobbying in the film industry. The situation is not only limited to the on-screen stars but also behind the scenes too. It’s appalling to see how many good actors and deserving movies get lost among the movies which are made by the Bollywood mafia gangs like Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, The Kapoor’s, The Bhatts and The Khan Trinity. These people have ruined the level of cinema in india and act like they own the film industry.

What’s even embarrassing is they can’t even stand for their own people. For instance, the star kids of the lesser known celebs get sidelined by the A-Listers. Lmao (talk about getting low) Like, Neil Nitin Mukesh was boycotted overnight after Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s incident. Vivek Oberoi was cancelled when he decided he won’t bend the knee to Salman Khan ( Who is well known criminal and an assaulter). An outsider may not get another chance after one flop but actors like Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor can stay even after 12 flops. Saif Ali Khan who took a big break after delivering flops made a come back at 40. What’s funny is he is still delivering below average movies but he is never out of work or big projects.

Recently, we lost a very talented young actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The 34 year-old successful outsider committed suicide by hanging. He was the victim of the constant bullying by the star kids and various production houses ganging up against him and few blind items written by some loser journalists mentioning  things like “he looks like a truck driver” “not stylish enough” etc. Speaking of blind items, I also hold media responsible for this. The media’s obsession with celebrity kids and cowardice to not being able to criticize star kids in their reviews shows the fear of the bollywood movie mafias.

Another aspect of this situation is even these outsiders don’t stand for each other once they’re successful. Deepika Padukone said No! when asked to work with a TV actor, who was supposed to be another lead. She wouldn’t haven’t dared to turn down a star kid. Only few actors like Kangna Ranaut, Manoj Bajpayee, Irrfan (rip) are fearless and are able to survive with this rebel attitude.

I don’t know when this blame-game will end but I only hope that if the audience supports the right talent by watching their work in the cinema and streaming their shows or films.  And media remains unbiased and promote what’s relevant and be a bit more supporting to the outsiders, things can change and Indian cinema can be saved.

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Why India’s health sector hates foreign medical graduates!?

Recently, FMG’s have asked the government to be exempted from the exam, which would allow them to directly practice. It will also add 20,000 medics to the current system, which is facing the shortage of doctors.

I have been a foreign medical graduate (FMG) in India for over seven years now.
Nearly 30,000 students graduate from foreign medical universities every year, out of which 10,000 never come back and 20,000 struggle endlessly to get a job here. Imagine being a doctor and struggling to get a job in a country like India???
They not only have to give a screening test for which the qualifying marks are 50%, but the questions have no boundaries. The level is getting extremely tough every year, and the passing percentage (10-20%) is low.

You must be thinking, why? India, a country where the population is massive, and doctors are less, why such bias against FMGs? I’ll tell you why, India has lots of private medical colleges that take massive amounts of donations, and politicians own most of these hospitals. If they give easy passing excess to FMGs, people will opt to study more abroad than here. Studying abroad is cheaper if we exclude the donation. On top of that, the exam (FMGE) is conducted twice a year, and the fee is 5,500, so basically, you’re collecting 11,000 rupees per student every year. The PG form for Indian students cost 3,000 rupees, but the cost of FMGE form is way too costly. The suffering has no end.

It doesn’t end here, WHO recognizes foreign degrees. Foreign students are ethically more aware and conscious compared to their home-trained colleagues. But the bias we face is unimaginable; even the doctors who have graduated from India have an elite behavior toward FMGs. During PG coaching classes, doctors who teach pass comments and cheap remarks or make inside jokes towards FMGs because they have this notion that Indian graduates know better. How do I know this? Because my brother is an Indian graduate, and I have attended DAMs with him, which is a famous entrance coaching center for PG aspiring doctors. They have the same knowledge and IQ level as us. In fact, most of the Indian graduates have zero code of conduct in the hospitals.I hate playing the victim card under any condition but it’s like playing with so many doctors mental health and their self respect.

Even if some of the graduates have to forcibly work in private sectors because they’re not financially stable, they’re called “quacks.” A few years back, when I was a recent graduate, I worked in a small town where a compounder had a better practice than me. He was referred to as doctor over there. He had well established relations with the MRs, but he had no degree. I cannot describe the feeling and humiliation I had to go through during those days. I studied at a well-known university. I was taught by some of the best doctors and surgeons in Russia and was always given the respect and dignity I deserved. But my country let me down so many times. Like being a foreign medical graduate is a crime.

All I am saying is, in a country which suffers from scarcity of doctors, where you’re willing to work with Ayurveda and homeopathic doctors shoulder to shoulder in ICUs, they will still hold grudges against FMGs. They’ll give opportunities for Ayurvedic doctors to prescribe and write allopathic medications, but won’t allow FMGs to practice. It’s a systemic way to earn money and keep their businesses running, while lots of Indian doctors suffer waiting to work for their motherland.

It’s more dignified and easier not to come back, and to just start working where you studied from. You’ll have respect, dignity, food on the table and a chance to serve people.

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Is opposition blaming Modi for their own wrong doings justified?

I usually don’t write political stuff but something forced me to.. here are my thoughts…

In 1962, when India lost a part of India (Aksai China) to China, Nehru said,

“Ladakh is a useless uninhabitable land, not a blade of grass grows there. We did not even know where it was.” To which Mahavir Tyagi responded – “I am bald does that mean I will abandon my head.”

Today, our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is dealing with Covid, Pakistan, Nepal and China all at the same time and fighting for every inch of our land which has been consumed by our neighbouring countries throughout the years. But congress never did anything about it. Instead,wrote love letters to their respective governments to stop doing it. But obviously it didn’t help. Infact, in 2002, when bunch of Pakistani terrorists rowed a boat to Mumbai, yes… You heard me right.. rowed a boat to Mumbai and slaughtered more than 200 people in broad daylight, this same opposition who was the ruling party, never thought of retaliation and sat there like a bunch of losers.

Congress is run by Gandhi family, their politics is based on nepotism, they work as a dynasty. Congress has sold this nation several times. This is not the first time they’re attacking BJP for doing the right thing in the favor of the nation. Their greed for power is so strong that they forget that the nation comes first.

The fact that Modi is a strong leader, he likes peace and believe in conversations when other country feels the same. But when things like Pulwama happens, he would never hesitate to retaliate too. And that’s the kind of PM India needs right now.

In politics every party can have different views and opinions but during times like these, we should forget our difference and work as a united front. But, I’m afraid, congress, Communists, and so called leftist in India have sold their soul to constant hate and made propogandas. Consequently, they can’t even support their own army now. Shame!

I would like to offer my condolences to the families of our soldiers who bravely fought for India. 🇮🇳

I stand with my army!

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Florence Pugh has done it all

My Journey of discovering Florence Pugh.

It was only two years back that I discovered her accidentally while watching Outlaw King. To be honest, I was interested in that movie because of Chris Pine, but I was impressed with Florence Pugh’s confidence and control despite having a smaller screen time.

I decided to watch Lady Macbeth after Outlaw King. I was immediately blown away by how precise and introvert her performance was. A part of me was wondering how can she ever be able to beat what she did in Lady Macbeth. But this young then-21-year-old talent had a lot to offer.

I was so curious about her after Lady Macbeth that I decided to binge her TV series The Little Drummer Girl. I was smitten by her that how beautifully she carried her role as a spy who is set up by Mossad to infiltrate a Palestinian terrorist group

Fighting with My Family was a completely different trajectory from the rest of her films. She did a hell of a job as an outspoken, rebellious young girl who wants to break into the WWE. She proved that she can handle more than sophisticated roles.
Even though she was already doing great work, Midsommar turned out to be the turning point in her career. She was finally noticed by a wider range of audience and her performance as Dani was talked about in award circles. Her performance still gives me chills in my spine.

Her latest venture was Little Women where she played Amy March. She made a bratty, whiny character loveable and for the first time people related to her character’s pov. I love how she did justice to Amy March.

One thing is settled: be it any genre, indie films or multi-starrers, Florence Pugh is here to stay and she will be seen Hollywood in a long run. And I’m glad she exists.

Florence Pugh will be next seen Black Widow. This is will be her first US big-budget movie and a launch into the superhero world. I hope the MCU does justice to her character.

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Russian Stereotypes: Facts & Myth

I had the honor to experience this beautiful country while I was young. I lived there for 6 years, and I have nothing but nice things to say about mother Russia. I studied in a girls’ convent school, surrounded by nuns. I had very limited knowledge of the outside world. Soon after finishing school, I decided to study abroad. I lived in Arkhangelsk for almost 3 years. I spent the next 3 years in Kursk. Spending summers in St Petersburg and Moscow. I couldn’t have been luckier to learn all the things from Russia which has turned me into the woman I am today.

Russians love pets – Cats are the most loved pets in Russia. Russians never leave a chance to love Cats.

Russians love Vodka – Yes, the most famous of them is true. Russian take drinking very seriously and they’ll never say no to a good quality vodka.

Russian winters are hard – It’s true, Russia has some of the toughest winters but it never stops the spirit of the people to go to work, grocery shopping, celebrating. What’s terrific is even during the hardest of winters, transportation never stops and Russians carry on.

Russians don’t like to small talk – I know this sounds bad but it isn’t. Russians don’t believe in small talk and they detest fake people. They like to get to the point but that doesn’t imply they are rude and avoid greetings etc. But Russians don’t like fake and buttering people. If you need help, get straight to the point, politely.

Russians are superstitious – Yes, they are!!!! Apart from knocking on the wood, breaking a mirror (accidentally breaking a mirror is a good omen), not celebrating advanced birthdays, If someone whistles inside a house, they will become financially irresponsible and lose money. Always take flowers in odd numbers…and many more. (I must do a detailed blog about this one 😜)

Russian women are more hardworking then men – Russian women are true believers in women empowerment. You can easily find women driving buses, on construction sites, painting houses, etc. They take equality and feminism very seriously and wouldn’t hesitate to work hard for their goals.

Russian babushkas are a real thing– Russia lost a lot of men in WW2. The ratio of women to men is greater. Most grandkids grow around their babushkas. Babushkas are cute but they can be very fierce and protective about the things they love.

Russians love art and literature – Russian love to read and write, go to operas, and drama. Russia has a very rich legacy of artists and writers like – Pushkin, Chekov, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, etc.


Russian streets have bears – Russian people are as scared of wild animals as much as we are.

Russian supermarkets have no food – yes, there was a phase when Russians struggled to keep food stock during WWII, but it’s not the case today. Hollywood really liked to exaggerate their fear of Russia. You’ll get everything from freshly grown vegetables, fruits, and staples in the Russian market. Malls carry every brand and have some amazing theaters to watch movies.

Russian streets are filled with Mafia – many people ask me that question too but it’s actually not like they show in the movies. They do have mafias and crime but Russian people aren’t used to it. It’s not commonly found on the streets or in neighborhoods. In fact, residential areas in Russia are very family- and children-friendly.

Every Russian owns a dacha – No, the concept of dacha is very common but it’s false that every Russian owns a dacha. Not that many Russian can afford a dacha. They do like to visit their village to their Babushkas during summer.

Russia is communist – the Russian communist ideology dissolved with the USSR. Russia has not been communist since 1991.
Russians are ruled by KGB – KGB is everywhere lmao noo!!! KGB was dissolved in 1991 with the Soviet Union. It was replaced by a new domestic agency, the FSB. FSB operates within the law and does not intrude into people’s privacy.

Russians are aggressive – Russians don’t appear to be friendly from outside. But that doesn’t mean they like to fight or look for fighting with people. BUT they’ll never back off if someone else initiates a fight.

Russia is poor – They did struggle economically during the ’90s but the conditions are really good now. They have jobs, well-paid salaries, and solid infrastructure. The average Russian has a good 2-3-bedroom apartment and can afford a good car. Many wealthier Russians can afford a big luxury apartment or a big independent house. They have a decent city lifestyle, like any other world citizen.

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Why cancel culture and boycotting people is a preposterous trend. #Minipost

I keep witnessing on Twitter, Facebook or any given social media platforms, cancelling, boycotting and #xxxisoverparty trends. But have you ever wondered if they really work or whether that’s really the right way to deal with things? We make mistakes and we mess up too, or sometimes, even we knowingly say and do stuff which isn’t supposed to be said or done in a bad mood or the heat of the moment.

Make social media pleasant, stop trolling people around you just because you don’t agree with them. So many people commit suicide because of online bullying. We need to learn to be patient and respectful to others opinions. And if you can’t do that, use block and mute button for clear and radiant skin and mind. But don’t quarrel. How about instead of cancelling them, we educate them or give them a chance.

PS This thought strictly applies to celebrities doing and saying random stuff and getting cancelled for it.

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Why Release the Snyder cut movement was a necessary step

Yesterday, Zack Snyder blessed his fans and supporters with the news that his version of Justice League will finally be released on HBO Max on 2021. I’m really glad that this happened and we’ll get to see the cut.

I’ve been a DC girl since my childhood. Watching my first live action Justice League was a big deal for me. Alas, after finishing the film my thoughts about it were absolutely horrendous. I left the cinema sad and frustrated because what I saw on screen wasn’t Zack Snyder’s version, I clearly saw that his vision was tampered with. The CGI looked awful, and the characters he set up beautifully in Batman v Superman were reduced to cheap jokes and plot points.

After loving BvS so much I had so many expectations from Zack Snyder and Justice League, but WB did him dirty and he had to part his ways from the film. Nobody knows if he was fired or quit, though he had to take a break because previously that year his daughter Autumn Snyder had committed suicide and he needed to be with his family. The rest of the movie was left for Joss Whedon to finish and the end result was this…

The Snyder Cut movement is about giving creative freedom to the director to present his final vision on the big screen. It’s about studios standing by what they make, and trusting their directors. It’s about experimenting with the subject. Remember when people said Heath Ledger is a bad choice for Joker? Remember when everyone thought Ben Affleck would make a shitty Batman? Or a Joker origin movie was a bad idea? Or Aquaman would flop?

ReleaseTheSnyderCut is an answer to the studios that tamper with the creative process. It goes far beyond Zack Snyder and the DCEU, it’s about the rights of the directors (regardless of whatever studio they belong to) to let them present their art in their own way. Whether it’s good or bad, at least it’s honest and not someone else’s.

Congratulations to the team and the fans for making this possible. I’m happy that Zack Snyder’s JL is officially on the slate. Can’t wait to witness it.

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Why hating Sansa Stark isn’t a personality trait.

Today marks one-year anniversary of The Queen In The North. Sansa Stark has been the most hated character on Thrones since the very beginning. She had always been considered whiny and spoiled because at first she wanted a ladylike life. She was blamed for her father’s death as she wrote the letter to Robb under Cersei’s instructions. But her intentions were good; she truly believed if her brother surrendered, her father would be pardoned and set free. Let’s not forget she was 13 and was surrounded by enemies like Cersei, Joffrey and Peter Baelish. She was only trying to survive. Wasn’t everybody on the show trying to do the same? Why was only Sansa so hated for it, and written off as stupid?

She always found happiness in the smallest, simplest things.

Sansa Stark = Poetic Cinema

She was tortured and stripped of her agency by the Lannisters, manipulated by the Tyrells, sold as marriage cattle by Littlefinger, raped by Ramsay, and gaslit by every family except her own.

Even Jon did not see enough in her to turn to her for help in the Battle of the Bastards. Ironically he didn’t have to, she saved him regardless. (Knights of the Vale rode in because of her.)

While two queens were busy fighting for the Throne, she was making sure that her people didn’t starve in the winter, stocking the grains and livestock for Winterfell’s survival.

As soft and goody-goody as our queen may have been, she was brave for her people too. She didn’t hesitate to stand up to Daenerys and speak her mind. She knew that the dragon queen would come for the north and she didn’t want to fight another war for their freedom, though she knew she might have to.

When Bran became king Sansa could’ve said “that’s that” and rested on her laurels for the rest of her life. The fact that she even asked this question shows who she really was. Her people’s freedom was her priority.

Sansa Stark, long derided as the weakest character of Game of Thrones, not only survived but became Queen in the north. She has the most wonderful character development like no other women on Game of Thrones.

She was the only Stark who fought till the very end to win back her home, Winterfell.

The fact that people hated her for her femininity says a lot about how we perceive feminine women, how we write them off as disempowered, weak or stupid. She was surrounded by people like Petyr, Cersei, Lysa, Ramsey and Joffrey but she never lost her innocence and good heart.

Sansa Stark is a true feminist icon for today’s world. Both her journey and real-world reception really show how much world tries to put you down and shame you because your don’t suit their criteria of the Strong Woman trope. But in the face of all of that, with a good heart and strength of character, not only did she survive, she won the game of thrones and became queen for the rest of her life.


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Sansa Stark: From Porcelain to Ivory to Steel.

Queen In the North Sansa Stark’s journey through her most valuable quotes.

“I don’t want someone brave and gentle and strong, I want him.”

“Oh, wait. I just realized I don’t care”

“Joffrey will come back. The worst ones always do.”

“They say my brother Robb always goes where the fighting is thickest. And he’s only a pretender”

Joffrey:”I’m going to give you [Robb’s] head as well!” Sansa: Or maybe he’ll give me yours.

“Because the truth is either terrible or boring”

“This isn’t a strange place, this is my home. It’s the people who are strange”

“I Am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home, and you can’t frighten me”

“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. sleep well”

“You think he’s going to fall into your trap, he won’t. He’s the one who lays traps.”

“No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone.”

“Your words will disappear. Your house will disappear. Your name will disappear. All memory of you will disappear.”

“I’m sure cutting off heads is very satisfying, but that’s not the way you get people to work together.”

“No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish. I’ll assume it was something clever.”

“Sometimes when I’m trying to understand a person’s motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst.”

“Thank you for all your many lessons, Lord Baelish. I will never forget them.”

“I’m a slow learner, It’s true. But I learn”

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

“I used to think you were the cleverest man alive.”

“What about North?”

Game of Thrones’ last words were, Queen In The North ❤️

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Some important differentiations to know during covid crises:

Quarantine -limitations of freedom of movement of such well person or domestic animals who are exposed to a communicable disease for a longer period of time, not longer than the incubation period of a disease. This effectively prevents the contact with those who are not exposed, thereby reduces the chances of possible transmission.

Isolation- a separation for the period of communicability of INFECTED person or animals from others in order to reduce direct and indirect transmission.

Endemic– constant presence of a disease in a defined geographic area.

Epidemic– sudden occurrence and rise of a particular health related behaviour/event which is in excess of “expected occurrence.”

Types of epidemics –

#Point source or single exposure epidemics – sharp rise and sharp fall in number of cases. For example: Food poisoning, measles, chicken pox

#Common source, continuous or repeated exposure epidemics: sharp rise and interrupted fall by by secondary waves and peak. Examples: contaminated well in a village, sex worker in a gonorrhea outbreak.

#Propagated epidemics- gradual rise and gradual fall over a long time. Example: HIV, Tuberculosis

Sporadic- scattered cases, which occur irregularly, haphazardly from time to time. There cases are few and separated widely in space and time that they show little or no connection with each other, nor a recognizable common source of infection.

Pandemic– An epidemic affecting large populations and geographical area.

I hope this is useful and helpful.