Stop whining and enjoy Joker! #MiniPost

Currently, Joker is making quite a buzz around SJWs and so-called “woke” people. According to them, this movie is a bad influence on the society and provoke violence considering its subject matter. Some even think that it glorifies a villain and promotes psychopathic behavior.

While I completely understand the current climate around the world regarding gun violence, are we really this pathetic to brush our faults on video games and movies? This is yet another cowardly habit our society has; an instinct that keeps us from owning up to our own cultural failures.

Neither movies nor video games encourage killing school children. People suffering from chronic depression or anxiety don’t go out there killing people. It’s insulting to their very real sufferers that, whenever such an act is committed, the immediate assumption is that it’s them.

It’s time that we stop blaming gamers, mental health, loneliness and movies for these mass shootings. Movies do not encourage you to be a violent person, it’s you and only you who is responsible for your actions.


Disney Being A Bad Mouse

2 days back Sony retrieved their rights of Spider- Man who has been an acting property of Disney from past 3 MCU movies along with the Avengers. Well, the deal went off because Disney decided to increase their share from 5% to 50%. I don’t blame Sony for making this move because Disney is asking for too much and someone has to start saying NO! to them.

I honestly don’t want to be bitter on Disney for no reason because every studio is a money making machine, whether it’s Warner Brothers, Universals, Blum House, even Sony. But at this point Disney monopolizing everything is scary, and a danger to art of filmmaking.

Here’s why its scary, for the past 4 years all Disney has done is remake their old classics and rely on MCU. They have hardly produced any original scripts. What a shame, because currently as the largest studio in the business it holds some responsibility towards this medium. The sad part about all this is that all these movies have performed solidly at the box office. Disney is manipulating the younger audience into thinking that this is so called good stuff. Consequently, more deserving movies, artists and filmmakers from the other studios suffer.

I won’t go much deeper. But this year while mainstream entertainment movies like Alita, King of the Monsters, Shazam, John Wick 3 and Dark Phoenix managed to gross their production cost, they underperformed and deserved better. Meanwhile the average recycled mess by Disney crossed 1 billion. Even when Spidey was a part of the MCU he was just under the shadow of Mr Stark, he had no identity of his own. I get it, current Peter Parker is young high schooler but c’mon at some places his scenes were utterly embarrassing.

I hope this stops at some point and Disney starts taking some initiative towards this. If not, I can’t wait for their monopoly to end.

Going to movies alone by choice #MiniPost

Hey fellow bloggers,

As a frequent cinema goer, I always get a question who are you going with? And my answer is always- All by myself. The so called society needs to understand that girls might like to spend time on their own, being alone is not an equivalent to being lonely.

Movies always had a special place in my life and so far I have not met a person who I would like to share this with; so, I always happily prefer to watch movies alone in the theater.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying just don’t go with someone if they would like to accompany you or vice versa. Avoiding going to movies with someone is bad behaviour but on the other hand it should be totally acceptable or equally cool to visit cinema alone.

Watching movies alone can not only help you think about it far deeper, but also lesser the distraction the better. And chewing food and slurping through drinks and visiting toilet 70 times is an absolute no for me, so why not let things remain perfect and enjoy movies alone.

Try it!

Multinational Companies and Cultural Analysis

In today’s globalized era, MNCs contribute considerably to industrialization in various economics. As a result, MNCs are effective in rapidly transferring features of one society to another, perhaps a very different society. They are uniquely capable of forcing cultural change. MNCs transmit their home country values in two different ways:

1. Through the vast network of affiliates which introduces, demonstrates and disseminates new behavior.

2. Increasing and shaping the manufacturing sector of host countries through the business services structure, including business education.

There are several ways to describe culture. E. Adamson Hoebel, a renowned American professor of anthropology from the University of Minnesota defined culture as “The integrated sum total of learned behavior traits that is shared by a member of a society.” Culture, in my opinion, includes learned behavior and values that are transmitted to an individual living within a society, through shared experience.

Three vital characteristics are integral to definition of culture –

  1. It is learned – It is acquired by people over time through their membership in a group that transmits culture from generation to generation.
  2. It is interrelated – One part of the culture is deeply connected with another part, such as religion, marriage, business and social status.
  3. It is shared – The tenets of a culture extend to other members of the group.

Elements of the culture – Language, aesthetics, religions and education.

In order to understand the cultural environment in the international business scenario, it is vital to analyze the various cultural setups in different countries. Cultural analysis can be based upon any of these three approaches.

Ethnocentrism approach – Companies following this approach adopt a strategy which is more appropriate to the domestic marker. They assume that what is good at home would also work the same way in foreign markets.

Assimilation approach – Most companies consider that the US is a cultural melting pot. They assume that the cultural traits demonstrated in the US market should work everywhere in the world. They believe that if the product or the services click in the US market, the same will click in any other part of the world.

Primary of host country approach – This approach is based on the assumption that the home country’s cultural traits are inappropriate for successful operation in markets outside the home country.

Hall’s Map of Culture –   

According to him, a person interested in the cultural analysis of a particular region need not necessarily study all the ten aspects, but can study any one of them and grasp adequate understanding of culture. Here are the 10 aspects –

1 Interactions – Interactions with the enviroment through various modes of speech and writing.

2. Association – Structure and organization of the society and its various components.

3. Subsistence- Activities through which the society satisfies the basic needs of people such as food and water, and the attitude towards such needs.

4. Bisexuality – Differences between the roles and functions of men and women.

5. Territoriality – Ownership, use, and protection of land territory.

6. Temporality – Division and allocations of time and its use for various activities.

7. Learning – Pattern of transmitting knowledge.

8.  Play – Process of enjoying through relaxation and recreation.

9. Defense – Protection against natural and human forces in the environment.

10. Exploitation – Using skills and technology to turn natural resources to people’s needs.

I hope this piece has helped you learn a bit about the nature of culture and its essence in relation to Multinational companies. If you have any questions drop them below.





Are you single? Milk It!

I attended a Valentine’s Day party last week, and I noticed as I was meeting my friends, was that how people were treating me just because I showed up without a date. They had a sense of sympathy or pity towards me, like they almost thought that I am not happy and I am miserable just because I am single. Well, here are my thoughts dedicated to all the single folks out there.

Some awesome perks of being single –

1.You don’t have to compromise about things.

2.Your space belongs to you. The bed, the closet, are all yours!!!

3. More time to explore yourself and develop new hobbies while at it.

4. Surprise trips and travel.

5. Having night out with friends without any guilt.

6. You don’t have a pressure to look pretty all the time.

7. You can have moods but having moods is better than having fights.

8. More saving.

9. You can arrange the furniture however you want without having to adjust.

10. More time to be focused and work towards your ambition without any distractions.

11. Binge watch without any interruptions. (This one is my favourite)

12. You have less room for being disappointed by someone because they don’t get you, and consequently people who are single end up loving and caring for themselves more.

13. Late sunday mornings without having to worry about waking up for anyone.

14. You don’t have to be nice to people who you don’t like, just for the sake of your partner.

15. You get to be yourself.

Be single and enjoy every moment of it. 🙂

Separating the Art from the Artist

A few weeks back the Academy Awards nominations were announced, and Bohemian Rhapsody was nominated for Best Picture among several other categories. It took internet by storm because of Bryan Singer’s involvement with it. It’s funny that Hollywood, which pretends to be the biggest flag bearer of #MeToo and Time’s Up and celebrities who love to give big speeches on the red carpet, not once tried to oppose it.

It’s really common that people like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacy, Woody Allen, Bryan Singer and Roman Polanski have existed in Hollywood for years. Even I grew up admiring their films like Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby, Annie Hall, The Usual Suspects, Midnight in Paris etc. But after the serious accusations of rape, sexual abuse and pedophilia, I will never be able to enjoy their movies the same way as before.

Woody Allen was accused of sexual misconduct at the same time as Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for Blue Jasmine. I am disappointed that she never addressed the issue, either there or any time after. It’s even more frustrating to see that big actors with platforms to send strong messages, like Kate Winslet (Wonderwheel), Selena Gomez, Diego Luna, and young emerging talent like Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning (A Rainy Day in New York) continue to keep working with him.

I am aware that many believe just because Allen, Polanski, and Bryan Singer are accused of such actions doesn’t make their art bad. And one should be able to separate this from the latter. My point, however, is when you give their later art a platform or encourage their work after the fact, you are insulting the victims.

When you support an artist who is known and proven to be a rapist, sexual abuser, or serial assaulter you are promoting their crimes by promoting their work. If a person has talent that does not give him a right to be a criminal. If Ted Bundy was a great filmmaker would you pardon his crimes? I dare think not. I think actors should also step up and stop working with them, because if they really care about the societal impact as much as they like to talk about on the red carpets, it’s time they actually start taking steps for it.

2019’s First #MiniPost

Hey Fellow Bloggers,

I know it has been really long that I haven’t blogged, but due to award seasons I had to watch a lot of pending films and had a busy start in January. But here I am, I hope you all have been doing well and I can’t wait to read all your posts. I’ll soon be publishing few more posts. This year I have taken a resolution to focus more on women’s problems through my blog whether they are social, mental or health related. During past few days I have experienced some issues which I think need to be addressed, and I can’t wait to write and share them with all of you. If you all have any health related queries which you would like me to write about, please feel free to ask and tell me. I will do it!!

Have a great 2019 everyone. Be nice, It’s not considered cool in today’s world but it’s worth it.

See you all soon!