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Reservations in India – A never ending embarassment!

India, the largest democracy in the world recently announced the 27% increase in reservation for backward castes!

The reservation/quota culture has crippled India in several ways. Students with merits are migrating to other countries as they don’t get their due credit. Doctors, lawyers and other high-skilled professionals from general category likewise take their skills elsewhere, for similar reasons. This is what’s known as a “brain drain.”

In this nation, where the cabinet gets selected based on their caste, 70% of the cabinet is selected from backward castes. It’s done to appease them for votes, but the quiet part no one says out loud is that these representatives are not qualified for the job.

The candidates have received reservations for ages. The reservations bill was proposed to liberate the backward castes, but it has becomes clearer every day that they’re all getting admissions and jobs served on a silver platter, which they don’t even deserve. Most of these reservation holders come from employed, financially stable, well-established backgrounds and don’t ever have to worry about scouting for work; a job is waiting for them.

The sad part this exists in fields like medicine, where reservations can cost a human life because if the doctor is not qualified, they could end up killing someone. But I guess, that’s not how Indian goverment thinks. Indian private sectors are yet to caught by this disease.

What about people from upper castes who are financially weak, who have suffered from unemployment for whole generations? Need they flee, and take their loved ones, to seek work in other countries? Why can they not get a fair shake at home? Reservations make the least qualified climb the ladder easily, and the person best suited find the ladder handles covered with sharp tacks. They either take a job far under their qualification or pay grade, or sit jobless at home.

In 1990 an extensive, aggressive protest took place against the Mandal commission.
A student named Rajiv Goswami immolated himself, but that clearly wasn’t enough for the government to think about the other half of society. Three years later, he succumbed to his injuries.

The least that can be done about this situation is the ones who have already benefitted from the quota shouldn’t be given the benefit over and over again. Their children and coming generations shouldn’t be free loaders; they should work hard, and earn their merits, like the rest of us.

I come from a state where the so called backward castes are well-off and still taking advantages, while doing absolutely nothing. Meanwhile, the hardworking youth struggle to get work. They truly embody the word “hustle,” because that’s what they need to do just for a chance at good work. I believe reservation is not a feature, it’s an active bug. It’s a weapon driving society apart.

I believe reservation is not a feature, it’s an active bug. It’s a weapon driving society apart. Give work to the DESERVED, not the RESERVED!

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Why I’d never marry another doctor. #MiniThought

Before you start reading this, this article is mostly written from an Indian perspective. I don’t know how common this is in the other countries, but in India doctors usually prefer to marry other doctors. It’s more convenient, and they have a better understanding of their profession.

I firmly believe making a marriage work or not is in our hands. Couples who don’t compromise or make adjustments won’t last, whether they share a profession or not.

But my reasons to not go for this kind of marriage is because the conversations would be limited to our shared medical field, and monotonous. The circle becomes the same, and narrow, which doesn’t leave the room for exploring new people. A kiddie pool full of other goldfish just like us. Domestic life could suffer because we both will be equally busy.

Doctors are very ambitious people, but I’m not. I’m happy and content in whatever money I make. I like to spend more time at home, which confuses most people around me. They have a certain expectations from me being a doctor; everyone does of people in my field.

This post is, by no means, written to degrade this profession or couples who share a profession. I’m a proud doctor and I wish all the couples the very best and blissful marital life. I just wish a bit of variety for myself. 😝

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12 British shows to watch right away!

Whenever we mention British shows, the world gets hung up on Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Killing Eve, Fleabag, Sherlock, Black Mirror and Bodyguard. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore these shows, but there are amazing lesser known gems which require our attention.

1. Peep Show – I’ve been following Olivia Coleman’s work since this show. The show is about 2 flatmates Mark (David Mitchell) and Jeremy (Robert Webb), it doesn’t have a detailed plot, but the British humor is top notch. Also, Peep Show is filmed entirely in first-person perspective. Some might find it hard to sit through because of this single-camera use, but it’s only gets fun once you’ve settled into it.

Seasons – 9, Episodes – 54, Running time – 25-30 minutes.

2. Happy Valley – Sarah Lancashire’s Catherine is a treat to watch in this crime drama. American cop shows frequently sexualize lady detectives/cops, but that’s not the case here. Catherine’s portrayal feels very organic and real. The transition between Catherine’s domestic life and her work is done very smoothly. I’d totally recommend it.

Seasons – 2, Episodes – 12, Running time – 60 minutes, season 3 in progress

3. CB Strike -The show is adapted from the novel written by J K Rowling’s alias Robert Galbraith. Its investigative crime show involving two leads: Strike, an army amputee turned PI, and his new assistant Robin. Needless to say, feelings start to develop between Strike and Robin. But, unlike other detective shows, their bond doesn’t overshadow the mystery around the cases. Also, at no point do they make Strike a subject of pity because of his trauma.

Seasons 4, Episodes 11, Running Time – 60 minutes.

4.The Night Manager – Filled with a tempting cast like Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Debicki, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hollander & Olivia Coleman. It’s one of the best limited series out there. All the episodes are directed by Sussane Bier, she has done a brilliant job. She has a knack for beautiful scenic landscapes which gives the show a grand appeal. That combined with the plot’s gripping suspense and the stellar performances makes it a highly rewarding show.

Season 1, episodes – 6, Running Time – 60 minutes

5. Peaky Blinders – this show is a masterpiece. Writing, production design, action, characters, cinematography and last but not the least, acting. Missing out on this show is a crime!

Seasons – 5, episodes – 30, running time – 60 minutes, season 6 – in progress.

6. The Durrells – this is like the only drama I’ve watched twice. It’s simple yet charming, set around a family from 1930s Britain, who have recently shifted to the Greek island of Corfu, because they’re financially struggling at home. This show is my feel good factor; it always put such a big smile on my face. The cast makes it double fun. Keeley Hawes is an absolute treasure. My Josh O’Connor fandom originated from this too.

Seasons- 4, Episodes -26, Running Time – 45-47 minutes

7. Line of Duty – If you like interrogation scenes, this show is for you. This is one of the very few shows where the subplots are interesting, and contribute either to the story or the character. Don’t worry!! it does involve crime and mystery too! The showrunners have changed almost every other seasons, which keeps the show refreshing.

Seasons – 6, Episodes – 36, Running time- 57 minutes

8. Luther – Idris Elba as an edgy troubled detective!! Do you still need more convincing? Honestly, it’s one of the best detective shows out there! It’s criminally underrated. And keep an eye out for Ruth Wilson too, her performance in this show is unforgettable.

Seasons – 5, Episodes – 20, Running Time- 60 minutes.

9. Giri/Haji– Hidden gem which is available on Netflix too. Perfect blend of Yakuza/British gang culture. The performances elevate the show. The humane aspects of the show give it an edge from other shows.

Season- 1, Episodes – 8, Running Time- 60 minutes. Season 2 is uncertain as of now

10.Gentleman Jack – Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) and Ann Walker’s (Sophie Rundle) delicate chemistry is the MVP of the show. The show is engaging on many fronts, but the key is the interesting characters. Sally Wainwright made one gem Happy Valley and other is this.

Season – 1, Episode – 8, Running Time – 60 minutes, Season 2 – Pending status.

11. After Life – This is Ricky Gervais’s best work after The Office; not an understatement. It’s about a man dealing with life after he loses his wife to cancer. It’s a beautiful balance between tragedy and comedy.

Seasons – 2, Episodes- 12, Running Time- 25-30 minutes. Season 3 has been renewed.

12. Behind Her Eyes – The very latest in the list: sensual, mysterious and with the ultimate twist. A fair warning, it can be a hit and miss for many people, but it worked for me. Look out for Eve Newson, how she is not a sensation is beyond my understanding.

Season 1, Episodes – 6, Running time – 50 minutes.

The 2 complimentary Irish shows – The Fall and Normal People.

P.S The above mentioned details are not reviews, otherwise the blog post would’ve gone on forever, so apologies for the lack of in depth analysis of every show in this list. I hope you give these shows a chance and enjoy them. 😊❤️

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Thoughts on David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet!

I watched A Life On Our Planet yesterday. I have always been aware that our world isn’t so green anymore, and that we are all just living in a concrete jungle. But this documentary had me in tears. I feel guilty for the kind of world we are leaving for our future generations.

Here is some frightening analysis from the documentary:

World population – 2.3 billion
Carbon in atmosphere – 280 parts/million
Remaining wilderness – 66/million

World population – 7.8 billion
Carbon in atmosphere – 415 parts/million
Remaining wilderness – 35%

A Life On Our Planet is an extremely well-made documentary with an emotional point of view.
What’s good about this doc is it tells us how we did this damage, how it will effect people in the future, and what can be done to stop it.
As Sir David Attenborough said, it’s not about saving nature, it’s about saving US.

The planet can’t support billions of meat eaters. If we all ate only plants, we’d need only half of the land we use at the moment.

-Sir David Attenborough

A few things we can do as a combined human race are:

  • Go veg.
  • If you can’t go veg, then try to cut down on the meat in your diet, such as weekly or twice a month.
  • Have only 1 child; the population will stabilize after a few years or one generation.
  • Each person should plant at least 10 plants/seeds and make sure that they grow up to be full-fledged trees.
  • Rely more on solar energy, and have governments incentivize solar power. Governments should also implement programs to teach farmers efficient ways to farm, using less space and water.
  • Local people should take a stand against governments which cut down forests.

To paraphrase Sir Attenborough, it’s not about saving nature, it’s about saving us.

I will request everyone to watch this documentary on Netflix, to take the time to educate yourself, and work on it.

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My moods and my go to artists.

There are no biggies in here like David Bowie, Madonna, Nina Simone, Fleetwood Mac, Joy Division here. Probably, I will make a seperate lists for them. I have a pretty generic taste in music so these are a bunch of artists I like to listen to on a moody day. I hope you enjoy this lists. 🙂

Lana Del Rey – Her velvety voice, sexy lyrics, and soothingly melancholic music can never go wrong. She is such an perfect artist for moody nights.

Florence + the Machine – We don’t talk about Florence enough. She has such a powerful voice. She literally brightens up my dull afternoon.

Rihanna – aka Living Legend. We are lucky to be witnessing this ultimate diva. Her discography is so diverse…she is way more than just a sex symbol. She’s got my every mood covered.

Sufjan Stevens – Sufjan and I are made for each other. This guy gets how to slowly slide into my day. His every song is worth 5 minutes of meditation for me.

Hozier – This dude makes me wanna have a life partner. His voice has effortless range and his vocals are great combination for my evenings to be perfect.

FKA Twigs – She is like a slow poison. Her videos are top notch, and her whispering voice is elite. I keep saying that FKA Twigs should launch her own ASMR channel.

Radiohead – It’s funny that I love listening to them when I’m sad, and it works out just fine. Thom Yorke is radiates talent, and his lyrics and their music takes you from an entire phase of suffering to starting to feel better phase.

The Weeknd – The Weeknd is probably the most talented artist of our time. His voice is magnificent, he always makes my long drives so much better.

Adele – There is never a bad time to listen to Adele. She makes me wanna break up with my boyfriend which I don’t even have.

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Hi, I’m back….

Hey fellow bloggers

It has been 2 months since I blogged; I was dealing with a personal crisis. On July 24th, my dad had a sudden cerebral hemorrhagic stroke. He has been on hypertension medication for the past 10 years, but he deals with lots of stress and immense pressure at work so on Saturday, the first night of the lockdown, he had a stroke. Since then, everything else in my life has had the brakes floored on it, because he needs his family.

My father’s illness during this pandemic also made me realize how hard it is for patients who are not covid positive to be in hospitals right now. Most of the Neurologists are on call, and I don’t blame them tbh. It’s important that we take COVID-19 very seriously. It’s harmful for each and every one of us, but it’s lethal for patients who are suffering from a chronic disease. Protecting old, sick and children should be our priority.

After 15 days in ICU and another 20 days in a private ward, he has finally started to get back on track. It’s just that he still has a long way to go, and we as a family are trying our best to make him better.

Thank you. 🙏

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Things which make me happy. 😊

Movies – As a natural-born cinephile, movies have been a huge part of my life. Movies are my go-to event for everything. If you want to make me happy, a movie is the answer. Be it arthouse, mainstream, indie, foreign films, any genre, movies have helped me get through my toughest and darkest period of my life. A huge thank you to cinema for my happiness.

Binging a TV show – Is there anything better than cutting yourself from outside world for 12 hours straight on the weekend, and binging a TV show? Nope, there isn’t! Popcorn and couch and any bingeworthy show. If it’s British, even better. I have a solid stomach for horror and thrillers too!

Organized room – Well-organized rooms are like orgasms. No kidding! I love to see an organized bookshelf, spotless furniture, and a very well arranged closet with seperate space for shoes and handbags. Wrinkled bedsheets can damage our friendship.

Stationary – collecting beautiful stationary brings me such joy…beautiful paper clips, file organizers, colorful bookmarks, aesthetically pleasing diaries and notebooks, stylish folders, handy penholders…just wow!!! Gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Nature – I have a tremendous amount of respect for people who go for nature-oriented houses. Recycling old furniture, planting trees around the house or the block and having plants in every room of the house. I prefer to do the same. Plants, birds and the sound of rivers makes me calm, and content.

Dogs – Dogs are the best!! Unlike cats they’re not mean or selfish; they’re friendly, playful, and loyal. Coming home to a dog, their tail wagging and a big smile at the sight of you, can turn your exhaustion of an entire day into happiness.

Music – Yes, like many others, soothing music helps me happy. Lana Del Rey is my cornerstop e. I love listening to her. Listening to her music is like meditation.

Self-care break – Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to people but being alone for some timr can recharge your brain, and restore your creative and spiritual strength. It gives me a lot to think about lots of things to chew on and good self-focus. Whenever I have isolated myself for a while from people or society, it has made me happy and cheerful after coming out the other side. I still like to do it once every six months to regain my functions and thoughts.

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Rant!!! #Minipost

Greetings lovely bloggers, 🙏

It’s just a rant.. please feel free to ignore. I just had to let it out!!!

I don’t want to spoil your day with negativity. Have a nice day! Will be dropping something new next week. .❤️

It’s extremely hard to work these days, especially when people are always ready to play the victim card. You can’t criticize them for being bad at their job. Instead of owning up to their wrong doings, they’ll be ready with another excuse to support their failings. I hate when people don’t committ to their work. Don’t dump your work on others, don’t waste your colleague’s time and energy, we all want to go back home and be with our family on time. I’m a normal human being too, I’ve plans for the weekend, I love sleeping, I love vacations just like any next person. The sad part is, they don’t even try if they didn’t know something. And some are just lazy, they just want to grab their salary and pretend like they don’t exist.

I really respect people who are honest towards their job and responsible towards their duties and they try to learn and don’t hesitate to ask for help. But please, work if you’re at work. Don’t just fool around and make life difficult for others.

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Say a big proud yes to adoption.

These days we see a lot of couples struggling to have a baby or willingly not opting to go through the process of pregnancy. With stressful life and career orientation the presence of couples over 35-40 trying to conceive is increasing. It’s not their fault, during this hefty economy or to keep up with the pressure or competition at the work, people tend to hold their own requirements. Consequently, some incline towards artificial means like intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, freezing eggs etc. But with that comes heavy bills and lots of hormonal troubles too, disciplined coitus, social and mental pressure.

My question is What about those who don’t want a child? What about those who want to adopt even after being healthy because they don’t want to go through the pain of pregnancy? What about those who are not financially capable to afford these procedures?  What about those who fail to conceive by every procedure and their last option is adoption? Yes, you got that right? The last option! Why last? Why the stigma or social pressure or judgement towards such couples, especially women? Why women suddenly become a topic of gossip for a bunch of loser “aunties” around the block if she doesn’t have/want a baby or if they choose to adopt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against people who want to have a child of their own. I get the whole thing about genes, our own flesh and blood. Although, I firmly believe that genes fail if you’re not raising your kid right. The social bias which couples face when they adopt regardless of whatever circumstances they might be in is my real concern. I also support this notion about encouraging young people who don’t want to get married but to have children to be not judged by the society or labelled names. Though, there should be thorough check and supervision so as to avoid any crimes or any form of abuse towards the child.

By adopting, we’re giving a needful child a new life and new opportunities. By adopting we make a difference to the society by helping shaping up a life of a child in need. By adopting, we lessen a burden of earth. We as a society should support such couples, encourage more adoptions and make world a better place for these children who seek nothing but love and a beautiful family.

Say yes to adoption!

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Bollywood, the face of Nepotism.

Nepotism has always been a very intense topic of discussion. We mostly see Nepotism in every field these days but you’d surprised to know how deep rooted it is in Bollywood. It has crippled Bollywood to it’s core. Once an industry which was known for its beautiful, thoughtful cinema by Satyajit Ray & Guru Dutt is now mostly known for it’s dance routines, lame stories and over-acting.

So many young talents get lost by systematic lobbying in the film industry. The situation is not only limited to the on-screen stars but also behind the scenes too. It’s appalling to see how many good actors and deserving movies get lost among the movies which are made by the Bollywood mafia gangs like Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, The Kapoor’s, The Bhatts and The Khan Trinity. These people have ruined the level of cinema in india and act like they own the film industry.

What’s even embarrassing is they can’t even stand for their own people. For instance, the star kids of the lesser known celebs get sidelined by the A-Listers. Lmao (talk about getting low) Like, Neil Nitin Mukesh was boycotted overnight after Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s incident. Vivek Oberoi was cancelled when he decided he won’t bend the knee to Salman Khan ( Who is well known criminal and an assaulter). An outsider may not get another chance after one flop but actors like Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor can stay even after 12 flops. Saif Ali Khan who took a big break after delivering flops made a come back at 40. What’s funny is he is still delivering below average movies but he is never out of work or big projects.

Recently, we lost a very talented young actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The 34 year-old successful outsider committed suicide by hanging. He was the victim of the constant bullying by the star kids and various production houses ganging up against him and few blind items written by some loser journalists mentioning  things like “he looks like a truck driver” “not stylish enough” etc. Speaking of blind items, I also hold media responsible for this. The media’s obsession with celebrity kids and cowardice to not being able to criticize star kids in their reviews shows the fear of the bollywood movie mafias.

Another aspect of this situation is even these outsiders don’t stand for each other once they’re successful. Deepika Padukone said No! when asked to work with a TV actor, who was supposed to be another lead. She wouldn’t haven’t dared to turn down a star kid. Only few actors like Kangna Ranaut, Manoj Bajpayee, Irrfan (rip) are fearless and are able to survive with this rebel attitude.

I don’t know when this blame-game will end but I only hope that if the audience supports the right talent by watching their work in the cinema and streaming their shows or films.  And media remains unbiased and promote what’s relevant and be a bit more supporting to the outsiders, things can change and Indian cinema can be saved.